Origin: New Orleans, LA

Genres: New Orleans Future Funk

Years Active: 2010 - present

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Short Bio

   Chapter:SOUL is New Orleans' newest funk innovation. A four-piece modern funk and soul band, Chapter:SOUL is a project from bandleader and tenor saxophonist Calvin Johnson Jr.  Asked to put Chapter:SOUL's music into words he describes it as "NOLA future funk" which takes the spiced up raw energy of New Orleans street rhythms and fuses it with soulful vocals and brassy horns. Currently, the band features Calvin on tenor sax and vocals (run through a series of effects pedals), Kashonda Bailey on organ and keyboards, Thomas Glass on drums, and Evan Washington on bass guitar. 

   In October 2016,  the band released its first mixtape, The Bible: Book I, followed by the release of Book II: Book of the Kanye in 2017. Chapter Soul is currently recording their first full length album.  



ChapterSOUL 1
ChapterSOUL 1

ChapterSOUL 2
ChapterSOUL 2

ChapterSOUL 3
ChapterSOUL 3

ChapterSOUL 1
ChapterSOUL 1





Hospitality Rider


Label: Independent

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